Silly kids failing at sports

Babies are true wonders in the making.

They introduce a whole new dimension of love into people's lives that they had no idea existed.

Despite their physical limitations, infants are recognised for making the most amusing facial expressions and doing the most amusing activities!

It's surprising how much seeing a cute baby (even one who isn't related to you) can brighten your day.

Take a look at the 13 funny photos below, where the captions perfectly capture the facial emotions!

Our parenting game can be on point at times.

The children are tidy, dressed, nourished, and well-behaved.

Like a well-oiled machine, the family is running smoothly.

Nothing is neglected, and everyone is content, if not overjoyed.

Then there's the rest of the time.

There's no shame in admitting it: every parent has an enormous parenting mistake now and again.

There's nothing you can do but laugh about it.

Here are some of our favourite parenting blunders that always make us laugh and exclaim, "It was me."